Innovation Network

The Renewable Energy Institute Innovation Network was established in 2012 to facilitate the exchange of information and proposals geared toward the evolution of Japan and the world into a sustainable society based on renewable energy. The network members are experts with knowledge and experience in renewables, energy efficiency, and climate change policies engaged in the deployment of renewables worldwide.
By introducing the network members and their organizations, with whom Renewable Energy Institute shares information on a regular basis, we hope to aid our readers in finding information sources and learning from the members’ experiences.
Additional member information will be added accordingly when the respective members’ pages are ready.


  • Jose Etcheverry
    Jose Etcheverry
    Associate Professor and Co-Chair, Sustainable Energy Initiative, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
  • Dörte Fouquet
    Dörte Fouquet
    Lawyer/Partner, Becker Buettner Held
  • Paolo Frankl
    Paolo Frankl
    Head of the Renewable Energy Division, the International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • Dolf Gielen
    Dolf Gielen
    Director, Innovation and Technology Centre (IITC) of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
  • Paul Gipe
    Paul Gipe
  • Stefan Gsänger
    Stefan Gsänger
    Secretary General, World Wind Energy Association
  • Andrew Jamison
    Andrew Jamison
    Professor, Technology, Environment and Society, Aalborg University
  • Tomas Kåberger
    Tomas Kåberger
    Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute
    Professor, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Jong-dall Kim
    Jong-dall Kim
    President, International Solar Cities Initiative (ISCI)
    Professor, Kyungpook National University (KNU)
    Director, Research Institute for Energy, Environment and Economy(RIEEE)
  • Heinz Kopetz
    Heinz Kopetz
    Founder of Austrian Biomass Association
    Former Chairman of European Biomass Association (AEBIOM)
    Former president of the World Bioenergy Association (WBA)
  • Jeremy Leggett
    Jeremy Leggett
    Chairman, Solarcentury
  • Junfeng Li
    Junfeng Li
    Director General, National Center of Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC)
    President, Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA)
  • Christine Lins
    Christine Lins
    Executive Secretary, REN21
  • Amory B. Lovins
    Amory B. Lovins
    Co-founder, Chief Scientist and Chairman Emeritus, Rocky Mountain Institute
    Executive Board Member, Renewable Energy Institute
  • Hugo Lucas
    Hugo Lucas
    Head of Energy Department of Factor CO2
  • Jürgen Maier
    Jürgen Maier
    Director, German NGO Forum Environment & Development
  • Eric Martinot
    Eric Martinot
    Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Lutz Mez
    Lutz Mez
    Associate Professor of Political Science, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Jennifer Morgan
    Jennifer Morgan
    International Executive Director, Greenpeace International
  • Craig Morris
    Craig Morris
    Energy analyst
    Founder, Petite Planète
  • Bo  Normark
    Bo Normark
    Senior Policy Advisor, Renewable Energy Institute
    Chairman project “Crossroads Electricity”, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)
  • Michael Rogol
    Michael Rogol
    CEO, PHOTON Consulting
  • Karsten Sach
    Karsten Sach
    Deputy Director General "European and International Policy"
    Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
  • Steve Sawyer
    Steve Sawyer
    Secretary General, Global Wind Energy Council
  • Stefan Schurig
    Stefan Schurig
    Member of the Executive Board / Director Climate Energy,
    World Future Council
  • Scott Sklar
    Scott Sklar
    President, the Stella Group, Ltd.
  • David Suzuki
    David Suzuki
    Scientist, Broadcaster, Author, Co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation.
    Executive Board Member, Renewable Energy Institute
  • Sven Teske
    Sven Teske
    Research Principal, Engineer, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney
  • Eric Usher
    Eric Usher
    Manager, Seed Capital Programmes, United Nations Environment Programme
  • Dana Reed Younger
    Dana Reed Younger
    Chief, Renewable Energy Specialist, Global Infrastructure and Natural Resources Department, International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group)
  • Arthouros Zervos
    Arthouros Zervos
    Professor, National Technical University of Athens
    Chairman, the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21)