Renewable Energy Institute and Ten Major Companies Make Three Proposals for “Non-Fossil Value Trading Market”
to Promote Renewables in the Corporate Sector in Japan
22 April 2017

Renewable Energy Institute today issued a proposal that states three recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the “non-fossil value trading market” which will be introduced in FY2017 according to rules and guidelines stipulated by the Japanese government. Ten global companies announced their support for the “Proposal for promoting renewable energy in the corporate sector in Japan”.

Renewable Energy Institute will continue to propose and provide a platform for dialogue with corporate entities and related ministries to address the necessary challenges for accelerating the use of renewables in the corporate sector in Japan.

Download Proposal for Promoting Renewables in the Corporate Sector in Japan (0.2MB)

Three elements to consider in the policy design of “non-fossil value trading market”
1. Allow power consumers to declare the use of renewable power.
2. Divide non-fossil power sources into renewable energy and nuclear energy.
3. Show a breakdown of renewable energy by type, such as solar PV, wind power, small-scale hydropower and biomass.

Ten companies have announced their support for this proposal (in alphabetical order):
Fujitsu Limited
IKEA Japan K.K.
Microsoft Corporation
Patagonia Japan
Ricoh Company Ltd
Shimizu Corporation
SoftBank Group Corp.
Sony Corporation

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